For over 15 years, scientists at Ulster University have been developing stimulus responsive therapeutic systems, primarily to address the adverse effects associated with the use of cancer chemotherapeutic drugs. During those studies, the benefits of providing a transient, in situ source of molecular oxygen during therapy became abundantly clear and it was out of this that StimOxyGen was born.


Our Team

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Dr Les Russell | Chief Executive Officer


Sian Farrell | Chief Scientific Officer

Les was the founding CEO of OrganOx Limited and led the company through 5 funding rounds taking the company from lab stage into full scale clinical trials and commercialisation  and winning several awards for the company. He has more than 40 years experience in the medical device and biopharmaceuticals sectors working at senior levels in both early stage companies and multinational corporations. His passion is working with individuals and teams to bring early stage technology into full commercial use.

Les holds first class honours and PhD degrees in Chemistry from the University of London.

Sian Farrell graduated with a 1st Class Honors MPharm Degree at Ulster University in 2015. Upon completing her pre-registration training at Bristol Royal Infirmary she remained there as a band 6 rotational pharmacist undertaking patient facing roles on oncology wards and gaining experience in specialist aseptic services.

Sian is currently in the final stages of her PhD at Ulster University. 


Professor John Callan | Director



Anthony McHale | Director

John Callan is Norbrook chair in pharmaceutical science at Ulster

University. A chemist by training he has 20+ years experience in the

discovery, development and formulation of new drug candidates.

Professor of Medical Biotechnology at the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ulster University, Northern Ireland and based on the Coleraine campus. Research interests are concerned primarily with the design, development and exploitation of stimulus responsive drug/gene delivery systems in areas such as oncology and tissue regeneration.


Thomas McKaig | Development Scientist

Thomas graduated with BSci in Pharmaceutical Biosciences from Ulster University in 2018. He then commenced a PhD investigating the development of stimuli-responsive nano- and microparticles for treatment of prostate cancer.
Thomas has extensive experience in formulation science as well as the pre-clinical efficacy testing of new formulations using 2D / 3D cell and murine based models of prostate cancer.

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